Dental Exam and Cleaning Near Me in West Jordan

Dental Exam & Cleaning Near Me

The average time for a dental exam & cleaning is 45 minutes. 45
minutes that can save you from future dental complications! Isn’t it
worth it?

We offer comprehensive dental exams. Our services are defined by
-of-the-art dental equipment that guarantees you a splendid

What to expect with dental exams & cleanings

Analyzing Your Medical History

Your dentist will want to understand your health history as well as
important information such as current medication programs, allergies,
etc. We also discuss your lifestyle habits to determine whether you are
exposed to risks. This is a good opportunity to build familiarity with
the dentist.

Examining Your Teeth, Gums, and Jaw

After we’ve taken your history, the next step is a comprehensive
examination of teeth, jaw, gum, tongue, neck, and head. A thorough
investigation is done using the latest technology.

We use X-rays to get explicit images of your teeth to allow your
dentist to analyze all the underlying problems that are not visible to
the bare eye.

Teeth Cleaning

Regular brushing is always not enough to thoroughly clean your teeth.
We offer professional cleaning that not only cleans your teeth but your
gums too. We usually clean up plaque and tartar that surrounds your gum,
spaces between teeth, or any restoration to avoid the build-up of
bacteria that leads to oral infections.

Why go for dental exams & cleaning?

To prevent oral diseases

Get regular checkups to prevent oral problems. A general professional
cleaning process is already a good way to prevent diseases of the mouth
such as gingivitis.

To detect and treat oral diseases

It is during a dental exam that your dentist detects oral problems
and offers solutions.

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